Bee Unit Study


This week we started our mini bee unit study (a mini unit study on bees, not a unit study on mini bees πŸ˜‰).

At first Raeca was wondering why would study bees if we weren’t going to have them as pets – ha, I guess only potential pets are worth learning about.

But, it turns out bees are quite interesting! For instance, did you know that killer bees are actually bees that escaped from a science experiment in South America? It’s like the Rats of NIHM come to life! (But they are bees, not rats.) Killer bees have been known to chase people up to a quarter of a mile.

I *hope* to share a full list of the videos we’ve been watching and the books we’ve been reading during this mini unit study on the blog once we are done the study, in the meantime, if you have any bee resources suggestions I would love if you shared them.


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  1. No resources, but we are currently trapping carpenter bees on our deck in a trap. They can only get in, not out but I’m not sure why exactly because a wasp got in and tried to get back out. Maybe size? But the do send out signals once they are trapped and seem to have alerted multiple bees in the are because we caught 7 so far! Yikes. Also, the males don’t sting but they will chase you. Only the females sting and only when provoked.

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