• Charlotte Mason homeschool DIY curriculum for elementary - year 0 and year 3
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    An Instagram Prompt Challenge – #HereIsOurHomeschool – Round Two!

    Back in May I hosted a homeschool photo prompt challenge over on Instagram, #HereIsOurHomeschool, and it was such a great experience! So many ladies participated and it felt like a great source of encouragement to me so I am going to host it again! The beginning of the school year seems like a great time to share all the resources we are excited about and is a great way to help and encourage other homeschool mamas out there!     I find this kind of prompt challenge is also a good way for me to evaluate if the things I have planned for us to do are things I actually want…

  • Elementary Homeschool Bundle Sale - a great deal on a ton of elementary homeschool products

    Over $280 in Elementary Homeschool Products for Just $25!

    Edit: the $25 deal has ended but you can still grab the bundle for $49, which means it is still over 80% off!   It’s that time of year again! Except this time with a twist . . . If you’ve been around here for awhile you’ll know that I periodically put together big homeschool bundles, that include a huge value and are sold at a ridiculously low price. But this time we’ve done things slightly differently and it is an elementary specific homeschool bundle! All the products in the Elementary Homeschool Bundle are geared towards parents who have children between preschool and grade four.     This bundle has 24…

  • Enter to win over $270 in elementary homeschool products through this giveaway!

    Enter for Your Chance to Win Over $270 in Homeschool Products!

    It’s that time of year again! If you’ve been following Intentional Homeschooling for the past while you’ll know that occasionally we put together these awesome homeschool bundles where we get together with a number of other homeschoolers and pool a bunch of our resources and sell them for a crazy low price. And we’ve done it again! The bundle launches in less than two weeks and this time we are kicking things off with not only some awesome free printables for you but we are also giving away a copy of the bundle! (Read on!)     While I can’t give you a full list of all the products that…

  • Our Favorite Grade Three Homeschool Resources
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    Our Favorite Grade Three Homeschool Resources

    Last week I shared our favorite kindergarten homeschool resources and today I wanted to share our favorite grade three resources. Because we view homeschooling as a lifestyle we don’t follow a purchased or pre-made curriculum but rather create a list of broad homeschool goals for the year and create our own “curriculum” (using the term very loosely). Originally I assumed as we moved up in grades we would want to incorporate a curriculum into our homeschool but as we go along I’m learning more about each of my kids and I’m realizing we are running our homeschool in a very interest-led way. Though, unlike most interest-led homeschools part of it…

  • Using Digital Books in Our Homeschool - Plus while we are travelling!
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    Using Digital Books in Our Homeschool & While Travelling

    This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Last week while we were on our trip to Mexico I managed to read six books. To me that qualifies as a good vacation! While I love physical books (I mean, do you follow me on Instagram?!) I also do a lot of reading of ebooks. I love having a number of books at my finger tips. And when going on a trip it means I don’t have to pack dozens of books because I’m not sure what kind of book I’ll be in the mood for, all I need…

  • Our Daily Homeschool Resources - our favorite writing resources
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    Our Daily Homeschool Resources // 02

    I couple of months ago I shared a post about our homeschool cart and daily homeschool resources. Now that we’ve finished a few of the books and are on to some new stuff I wanted to write a new post. Since we’ve gotten out or Christmas tree we haven’t used our homeschool cart as much but after we get rid of all the Christmas decor it will be used more. One thing we’ve done differently for the past few months is use a loop for some of our subjects/resources. I’ll share what we are all looping shortly but for those who don’t know what a loop is, it’s just a…