Poetry Bundle

Poetry Compendium & Study Bundle - all you need to know for incorporating poetry into your homeschool

Poetry Bundle


In this bundle you will receive the Poetry Compendium and the Poetry Study.


This compendium is all you need to get started incorporating poetry into your homeschool on a daily basis!

With 45 pages in this digital compendium you will learn how to cultivate a love for poetry in your own life as well as those of your children. We cover a number of different ways to include poetry in your homeschool days, lists of our favorite poetry books for all ages and five interviews with real homeschooling families on how they approach poetry.


This study is 30 pages covering 10 different poetry lessons. These lessons are not intended to be the dull poetry lessons you may remember from school but ones that induce a love of poetry in your children.

Each lesson comes with the lesson instructions and when applicable an example and printable poem. The idea is for these to be simple, ready to go lessons so there is little to no prep work on your end but the results are creative works of art you'll cherish and your kids will be proud of.

The lessons are designed for K-6 but with slight adaptation could be used for grade 7-12.

Poetry Compendium - all you need to know for incorporating poetry into your homeschool
A great Poetry Study for incorporating poetry into your homeschool! Includes ten lessons that have everything you need for adding poetry into your homeschool!