• What's Been Working in Our Homeschool Lately, Resources We're Loving & Things I Need to Change
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    What’s Been Working in Our Homeschool Lately, Resources We’re Loving & Things I Need to Change

    I thought it would be fun to start a new series here on things that have been working in our homeschool lately, resources we’re loving and things I need to change. We are doing year rounds schooling this year so while lots of people are closing out their school year we will just continue on the way we do. That being said, summer learning looks quite a bit different here than winter learning, since we spend a lot more time outside in the summer than we do in the winter. Okay, the video and the resources are below!       I would love it if you would subscribe on…

  • What's working (and not working) in our homeschool
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    What’s Currently Working (and Not Working) In Our Homeschool

    We are a few weeks into the new homeschool year and I thought it would be a good time to step back and re-evaluate what is (and isn’t) working. This stepping back was very helpful for me and I hope to continue to do it on a monthly-ish basis, hopefully I’ll see some growth from month to month. I did monthly reviews for the first half of the first year we homeschooled and this would be pretty much the same idea. This is our third year homeschooling and our style has definitely changed since the beginning of the first year. This year I decided to try a little bit more…

  • Our homeschool mid-year review - what is and isn't working!
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    Our Homeschool Mid-Year Review – What Is (And Isn’t) Working

    We officially started homeschooling about mid-August so here we are now, about four months into grade 1 and three-year-old preschool. My main reason for starting this blog in the summer was to document out journey, I’m one of those people that likes to write out what I’m going through (like with our adoption). I also thought it would be a good place for me to come back to in June when I have to send in a portfolio of what we did this year (instead of beating my head against the table wishing I would have taken better notes). Even though December isn’t quite the middle of the year I…

  • Our Homeschool Month - October in Review - poetry tea time
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    Our Homeschool Month: October in Review

    October taught me that while I have a plan for what we will learn each day, there is so much unintentional learning that just happens in our home. I guess that’s what happens when you have two parents that value knowledge as much as we do. LANGUAGE ARTS Lots and lots of good books were read this month. We were good this month with having our weekly poetry tea time, both the kids love it. We use a teapot, tea cups and saucers but we snack on whatever is in the cupboard, even if it’s not something fancy, like chips or leftover desserts. I love how much the kids love…

  • Our Homeschool Month in Review - August
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    Our Homeschool Month: August in Review

    I am definitely learning from experience that I shouldn’t take so long to write our monthly reviews, August has been over half a month ago, and now I’m straining to remember what we did during the month. Well, we officially started our homeschool year on August 24th, so most of the month leading up to that was just intentionally soaking in the last bit of the official summer. Then when we did start we eased into it by starting on a Wednesday so most of the week was an introduction to what we would be learning. LANGUAGE ARTS We started off the school year doing a bit of printing. Raeca…

  • Our Homeschool Month - July in Review, what we did for a variety of subjects, but, let's be honest, we mostly took a summer break.
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    Our Homeschool Month: July in Review

    Well, July was a bit of a different homeschool month than June. Our month started out with a few days of camping with family and then Ephraim had eye surgery, so I knew those two weeks would be slow on the intentional learning front and be more of a vacation, but what I didn’t expect was for it to last the whole month. This month we did almost nothing to work towards our summer homeschool plan. The break has been nice in a way but it has shown me that I’d prefer to do more of a year-round schooling approach, maybe something like 6 weeks on, one week off, we’ll have to…