• Homeschool Myth: Homeschoolers are Socially Awkward - tackling the issue of homeschooling and socialization
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    Homeschooled Kids Are Socially Awkward – Homeschool Myth #2

    Last week I shared the first homeschool myth and while that is the one people (non-homeschoolers) mention to me the most, this one is probably the hottest topic in regards to homeschool myths. Today’s myth is on the topic of socialization.     Generally when I’ve had people ask me about this they usually say something to the effect of:   “But aren’t you worried about socialization?”   My regret is that I have not asked these people to clarify what they mean by socialization. Though I think they are getting at the fact that they think that homeschool kids won’t be able to function in social settings, especially ones…

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    homeschool myths,  real homeschool stories

    You Need to Have Extra Patience to Homeschool – Homeschool Myth #1

    Having my kids out and about during the school day often brings out a lot of questions. When people find out that we homeschool about 75% of them say something to the effect that they would never have enough patience to homeschool. I’ve been thinking a lot about that comment over the last number of years and thought it would make the first homeschool myth I want to bust.     You Need to Have Extra Patience to Homeschool – Homeschool Myth #1   Can I just start things out by saying that I have no more patience than the average parent (I honestly probably have less patience than the…