• 50 Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Child
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    50 Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Child

    I’ve been going through our picture books the last few weeks and doing the unthinkable: setting some aside to get rid of. It’s like I’ve got two sides when it comes to this: my minimalist side and my bibliophile side. I want to get rid of everything but I want to keep the books. So, I’ve come to a decision to at least get rid of the picture books that aren’t our favorites. I know a great picture book can be enjoyed by all ages but as my children get older I feel like we have less need to keep so many picture books. Especially with our weekly library hauls,…

  • The Best Funny Poetry Books for Kids - great for poetry tea time.
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    The Best Funny Poetry Books for Kids

    Since April is Poetry Month I wanted to share a list of our favorite poetry books. I’ve actually already shared some of our all-time favorite poetry books so I thought I would great a list with a twist: our favorite funny poetry books. My kids love poetry, maybe it is because they are young yet, but I personally think the reason they love poetry is because of how we approach it, reading poems is usually done during poetry tea time. Except for us it’s more like poetry-hot-chocolate-and-cupcake time. I mean, what kid wouldn’t love that?! (Here’s more information on our relaxed poetry tea time.) I think this approach is brilliant (and I can…

  • The Best Novels for Grade Two
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    Twelve of the Best Novels for Grade Two

    It feels like forever since I’ve written a book list! I used to do them every week but I took a little break and it’s been hard to get back in the habit, but I plan on bringing them back every two weeks, if there is a specific genre/type of book list you would like, let me know! For today’s list I am sharing some of my favorite novels for grade two. Because every child reads at a different level for some kids these books will be read to them, or listened to on audiobook, for those who are more advanced readers they can read these for themselves. My daughter…

  • Living Books for Composer Study: Antonio Vivaldi
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    Composer Study with Living Books: Antonio Vivaldi

    I’ve learned over the past few years the benefit of  reading living books and I am making a real effort this year to add as many living books into our days as possible. Composer study and artist study are not something that are generally taught in the regular school system but hang around homeschoolers for a little while and chances are you will hear about them soon enough! Composer and artist study could be really overwhelming for kids but teaching them with living books makes it so easy, both to teach and for the kids to understand. Who doesn’t love listening to stories about the lives of people in the past?…

  • The Best Chapter Books for Grade Two Free Reading
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    The Best Grade Two Chapter Books for Free Reading

    Part of my plan for our grade two year is to have some dedicated reading time in our day. Raeca doesn’t need me to tell her to take time to read each day, she does it naturally already but I wanted to add in a little bit of time where she could read a few books I’ve picked out for her. One of my regrets when it comes to my reading as a child was that no one introduced me to so many great books. I spent most of my grade three to six years reading ALL the Baby-Sitters Club books. Which is fine, there is nothing wrong with the…

  • Books That Kids Who Love Magic Tree House Will Also Love
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    Books for Kids Who Like Magic Tree House

    My daughter is a Magic Tree House fan. They were the first chapter books she started reading last fall and she’s read almost every book in the series (many of them twice over). Magic Tree House books are to her what The Baby-Sitters Club books were to me. Except that she gets to learn about history and geography while she’s reading and all I learned was that Claudia was really cool because she had her own phone line. (Side note: I definitely would have referred to myself as a Kristy back when I was reading the books but I’m much more of a Dawn now, which Baby-Sitters Club girl are…