• Here's an easy STEM experiment to try with kids: Making Oobleck, just like in the Dr. Seuss book!
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    Making Oobleck, a non-Newtonian Fluid: Easy STEM Experiment

    Jared is back today with a super fun and simple science experiment to try with your kids! This one was so interesting, how can something be solid when it movement but liquid at rest? I don’t even really understand it, but it was really neat to play with! (Maybe that’s why he’s the one doing the experiments with the kids 😉 )   OTHER POSTS YOU MAY ENJOY: STEM Exploding Bags Experiment The Best Picture Books about Girls and Science Eight Picture Books For Little Builders and Engineers       I first heard about non-Newtonian fluids on an old episode of MythBusters. Anyone remember that show? I used to…

  • Here's a fun and simple experiment for kids! A leak proof bag with pencils stuck in it?!
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    The Amazing Leakproof Bag – A Fun Experiment

    This is the fourth week in a row of my husband, Jared, sharing a STEM related post on here! I know my kids are excited to have him doing all sorts of experiments with them and I’m glad he is filling in some of the hole in our science that are not as high on my priority list. Today’s experiment is super simple and fun for the kids to do!     What happens when you fill a plastic bag full of water and then poke holes in it?  Not what you might expect actually! This is a super easy experiment that even young kids can do, is incredibly easy…

  • Free printable Lego challenge cards - a great STEM activity!
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    Free Printable Lego STEM Challenge Cards

    Remember last week when I said Jared (my husband) was going to be sharing some STEM posts on here for the next while because he’s kind of taking over that area of our homeschool this year? Well, he’s back! While I usually spend 1-2 hours with the kids doing some intentional learning during the day (reading, working in our relaxed notebooks, etc) the rest of the day is pretty much free play for them. They love it and I try to keep our days open so they have this opportunity. During their free play time they will often do some pretend play, a lot of swinging on their Ikea swings…

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    Why LEGO® is a Great Learning Tool

    I think the hardest part of homeschooling for me is knowing that my kids are missing some great learning opportunities because of my weaknesses. We are rocking all things literature and book-ish, but you know something that is all the rage these days that I am definitely not rocking? STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Personally, in my own life, it’s okay to skip over STEM because that is not where my interests lie, but my kids? They have both declared they want to be scientists when they grow up. (Raeca wants to be a chemist and Ephraim I’ve already decided is going to be an engineer.) Our…