The Collective – Collection Two Details

Hey Ladies,

Thanks again for your interest in writing for The Collective! I thought it would make sense to have the details of the articles that will be in this collection on a page here so I can update things quickly instead of having to email out all the time.

Starting next week I will be formatting articles and sending them back to you to proof read.

My goal is to have this collection go live on September 24th.


More contribution details:

  • Those who contribute a written article & photos will continue to get 60% of sales from their referral link but those who only contribute an article ​or​ photos will receive 30%. This is because it was quite difficult to find photos for some of the articles for this last edition. A written article with quality images makes things a lot easier and quicker on my end.
  • Word count requirements and full submission details can be found at the bottom of this page.


Here’s what I’ve got in/know the subjects for articles so far:

On Simple Living by Angie Price @fresh.wanderings
Mother Culture: The Importance of Making Time for Yourself by Kayley Higgins @kayley.hig
Reading for Relationship by Zsanae Miller @adore.abide.arise
Birds & Nests Unit Study by Chantel Klassen @intentionalhomeschooling &


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