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    Nature Walk Time!

    Yesterday the kids and I had our first official nature walk of the year. I’m determined that we will all keep nature journals this year – myself included. They found themselves a little fort in the bushes for the summer and I spent nearly 10 minutes watching a male and female mallard duck on the side of the lake. We all came home and drew the ducks (well, R drew about 10 other things as well), E was really frustrated with how his duck was turning out – I get it, I was never satisfied with my drawing ability in school (in high school I just refused to hand in…

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    Bee Unit Study

    This week we started our mini bee unit study (a mini unit study on bees, not a unit study on mini bees 😉). At first Raeca was wondering why would study bees if we weren’t going to have them as pets – ha, I guess only potential pets are worth learning about. But, it turns out bees are quite interesting! For instance, did you know that killer bees are actually bees that escaped from a science experiment in South America? It’s like the Rats of NIHM come to life! (But they are bees, not rats.) Killer bees have been known to chase people up to a quarter of a mile.…

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    Nature Time, Here We Come!

    The kids are both excited to have their own nature journals! These are both from Twig and Moth though we got them through the Early Learning Bundle and Intentional Homeschooling Bundle earlier this year. We spent part of the afternoon out with some new friends in a new-to-us location and the kids are excited to fill in their first entries.