• October 2022 Favorites
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    October Favorites 2022

    Welcome to the second month where I’m sharing a random assortment of my favorite things! If you missed September’s list you can check that out here. This month we got our first snow of the season but overall had above seasonal temperatures. I feel like you never know what you are going to get with October. This list is a great way for me to remember so many of the things I am thankful for, it’s been a good thing for me to do for the last few months. Now, on to some of my favorite things . . . PLANT FOOD So, I don’t have the greenest of thumbs.…

  • September Favorites: Morning Walks
    monthly favorites,  mother culture

    September Favorites 2022

    Personally, I love reading people’s favorite lists each month so I figured it was definitely time to start sharing one in hopes others will come to enjoy some of my favorites. This is a very random list of assortments, but I’m happy to say, none of it is very expensive! MORNING WALKS I’ve been going on daily walks for awhile, sometimes multiple times a day, but there is just something about a good morning walk and seeing God’s creation during the sunrise . . . I’ve been back into walking in the morning again and it’s something I never regret doing. (The picture above was from a walk earlier this…