• Early Learning Bundle - great products for those in preschool and kindergarten and an excellent deal!
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    The Best Deal for Those Teaching Preschool or Kindergarten

    For those of you that have kids in the preschool and/or kindergarten stage (or are going to soon), I have an amazing deal for you today!

    Back in the winter we (over at Intentional Bundles) launched our first ever Early Learning Mini Bundle. It included over $175 products and was sold for just $15.

    Of course, we can’t have that kind of deal on forever so it was only around for a week, so a lot of people missed out.

    But, here’s the good news: for the next two days it’s back!

    That’s right, until Wednesday at 9pm PST you can grab over $175 in products for just $15 right here.



    Make sure you don’t miss it again. Check out the bundle.

  • Four Homeschool Black Friday Deals You Don't Want to Miss!
    homeschool deals

    Four Black Friday Deals Homeschoolers Don’t Want to Miss

    I never understood Black Friday as a kid. I always wondered why in the world people would want to push their way through throngs of people just to try to get an amazing deal.

    Clearly I’m an introvert.

    But now, in the days of the internet, I get Black Friday. I actually find myself looking forward to it because I know it is usually the best time of the year for good deals. And I really like getting good deals.

    If you inbox is anything like mine it is overflowing with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals right now and I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite homeschool deals happening this weekend. Don’t worry, this isn’t an exhaustive list, just a four deals that are my personal favorites.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m completely biased on the first two since I organized both of these sales, but with savings over 90% for each of them, they are crazy good deals!


    Intentional Bundles


    Intentional Homeschooling Bundle Flash Sale

    This bundle was on sale for a week in the spring and it has been the biggest Intentional Bundle to date. It contains over $370 in homeschool products for preschool up to high school for just $25. That’s some amazing savings!

    Sale ends: Tuesday, November 27th at 9am PST


    Intentional Bundles


    Elementary Homeschooling Bundle Flash Sale

    Another Intentional Bundle, this elementary specific bundle (preschool-grade 4ish) has been the most popular selling homeschool bundle so far and it has over $280 products for just $25, saving you over 91%!

    Sale ends: Tuesday, November 27th at 9am PST


    Intentional Bundles


    ABC Mouse

    Save 60% on an annual subscription! The full year subscription is down to just $45, which means you are actually getting SEVEN months for free. ABC Mouse is a great, educational app for children from 2-8.

    Sale ends: Monday, November 26th

    Get 1 year for only $45 - Over 60% off!



    Get 60% off your first month’s subscription from KiwiCo! We’ve had a couple of different crates from KiwiCo and the kids really enjoy them.

    Use the code: CHEER60

    Sale ends: Monday, November 26th


    Enjoy the savings!