• Our Favorite Books of 2017 (picture books and chapter books)
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    The Best Books of 2017 (so far)

    We are only three months into 2017 and we’ve already been coming across a lot of good new books. I thought I would start a list of our favorite books published this year and then just keep updating it as the months go on. The year is just beginning and we’ve got a lot more good books to read so be sure to check back often! This is definitely not a comprehensive list of books being published in 2017, but just our favorite ones (that we have read so far). You may also want to check out the best picture books from 2016! THE BEST BOOKS OF 2017   PICTURE…

  • A list of a few great resources to help you in a variety of different ways in your homeschool day.
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    7 Books to Help You in Your Homeschool Days

    I thought it might be beneficial to share my favorite homeschooling books. Not all of these are actually homeschooling books but they all help me in homeschooling in one way or another. For instance, Reading Magic is about reading aloud to our children and is for every parent and has tips in it that I believe will help me in my homeschooling days. MY FAVORITE BOOKS TO HELP ME IN MY HOMESCHOOL DAYS I used to have a very blurred view on unschooling, this book put it into perspective for me and it’s made me realize how we do a lot of this in our day already. I loved reading how…