Vikings – Web Resources

Lesson 1

Introducing Scandinavia


Lindisfarne – An Age Borne in Fire – Extra History


Lesson 3

Viking Expansion – The Serpent-Riders – Extra History – #1


The Danelaw – Alfred vs. Guthrum – Extra History – #1


The Danelaw – The Fall of Eric Bloodaxe – Extra History – #2


Lesson 4

How to Draw a Viking – Art for Kids Hub



Lesson 6

What’s so special about Viking ships? – Jan Bill


How to Draw a Viking Ship – Art Land


Lesson 7

What Did The Viking Houses Look Like?


Lesson 9

The Secret Messages of Viking Runestones – Jesse Byock


Rune Converter ā€“ Valhyr


Lesson 10

The Vikings – In a nutshell



Longship Project

Viking Ship Craft for Kids (

DIY Viking Ship from Recycled Items – Ziggity Zoom Family

Viking Longship Paper Model on Behance


Shield Project

Dragon Viking Shield : 9 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

How to Make a Viking Shield (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Ideas | How to Make a Viking Shield (


Runes Project

Rune Converter ā€“ Valhyr