Homeschool un-Planner Printables – Monthly Records

Free Printable Homeschool un-Planner Monthly Records Sheets


As a rebel homeschooling mother myself I find it works best for me to keep records of what we have done in our homeschool instead of a schedule of what we plan to do. These free printable pages serve exactly that purpose.

There are two pages for each month:

*a month in jots for you to keep track of all the things you do throughout the month and

* a month in review for you to keep track of your read alouds as well as the major topics and themes you covered for the month

I find this to be the perfect format for helping me as I create my homeschool portfolio at the end of the school year which needs to be submitted to our local school division.

I'm in the process of making more free printable pages for the un-Planner so when you grab your download make sure to sign up for the newsletter so future freebies will go directly to your inbox!