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    Rabbit Err . . . Kitty Trails

    What started as an attempt to make a robot out of old laminator and remote control car pieces quickly turned into a rabbit err . . . kitty trail . . . We went from this video of a cardboard robot to this video of a cardboard ATM to this video of a cardboard gumball machine to this video of a cardboard maze for cats to this video of kitten playing soccer to this video of a cardboard house for cats. We got a little off topic but this kids now have ideas of all kinds of things to build out of cardboard which reminds me a lot of their…

  • Homeschool Snapshots - taking apart a remote control truck

    Taking Things Apart

    While it’s disappointing when a fun toy breaks, being able to take it apart makes it less sad! Some time was spent taking apart this remote control car today. Ephraim got a few tools for Christmas and he’s been using them to take apart a number of different things. Now if we could just figure out how to make a new creation out of all these random parts we have . . .

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    Gadget Inventions

    The kids spent the better part of the morning creating a variety of machines from this book – some straight out of it, some from their imagination. The one below was from their own imagination, many edits took place, the linking cubes were added as weight to make the pencil line darker. Lots of other tweaks were made as well.