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    Math at Breakfast

    Breakfast this morning suddenly turned into learning double digit addition (no carrying yet) for Mister Five. He’s really excited to be able to add up to 99! He has just a simple composition notebook that has room for a drawing or something on the top half and lines on the bottom half. I love pulling this notebook out in times like this because it’s fun to look back on and see what we’ve learned at the end of the year. (It also helps our homeschool portfolio when it comes to reporting to our school division.)

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    Welcome to our Homeschool Snapshots!

    Welcome! I thought it would be fun to share a more in-depth look into our homeschool and share some of the resources we use each day. These posts will usually be very short and give a peek into our relaxed, semi-unschooling and some of the resources we use on a daily basis. Like this morning when Raeca created as “alligator potion” from various pantry items which of course she gave gross names to (like “dragon dung” and “maggots”). I love this kind of learning because she thinks she doesn’t like printing except when it’s her idea she loves it. Secret learning for the win! More coming soon!