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    DIY Baby Diaper

    Yesterday Raeca decided she wanted to make a diaper for her oldest-very-loved-chronically-dirty-one-eye-is-always-half-closed-floppy-necked-because-I-removed-the-noise-device-years-ago doll, “Susie”.

    A quick search on Pinterest lead us to this simple DIY and pattern and then a quick trip to Dollar Tree for some supplies and a short while later she had two diapers and a few baby wipes for Susie.

    I much prefer these types of “handicrafts” to the paper crafts of just gluing paper together that you know will eventually end up in the garbage.

    I’m not 100% sure yet but a few of these diapers may make it to the kidpreneur sale the kids are involved in next month.

  • snapshots

    Project Time

    The kids are involved in a kidpreneur fair next month and they have been working on their projects: wooden swords and wooden cameras.

    Last year I was not interested in them being involved because I didn’t think they would follow through with their ideas but so far so good!

    They still have more to do but have something like six weeks left so I think everything should get completed.

    Not only are the learning good handicraft skills they are also learning all sorts of math add they try to figure out how much they should sell their items for and the cost of each item.