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    Library Haul

    A peek into today’s library haul – minus the books I got for myself, I got a little excited and added those to my nightstand stack immediately after getting home.

    Today’s haul includes a few Gail Gibbons books, a few Be a ____ Detective and a few Let’s Read and Find Out Science books. Also lots of nature books since I’m going to be sharing a bunch of nature resources on Instagram this month.

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    Another Book Haul

    Twice a year there is a large library book sale near me. They have books upon books upon books.

    Obviously I make sure my schedule allows me to go.

    Sadly, I was disappointed this year. Previously I had been able to get six books for $1, this year they upped the price to $1/book for hardcover non-fiction – I mean, it’s still a good price but it’s not nearly as good of a deal as it used to be.

    I bought my third copy of The Two Towers because I couldn’t resist this pretty edition. Even though I’ve never read the book (though I did start The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday!).

    I was excited about the dyslexia book and already read it and was disappointed. Boo.

    The classical education book (The Core) I have actually read a couple of times before and am excited to have scored that one.

    The Wildwood book I want to read for a review (though I should probably start at the beginning).

    I also got a book of poetry, something I want to read more of but struggle to make time for.

    And then a couple of other books that I will get to eventually.

    I’m hoping they reduce their prices for the fall sale or I may not continue going, there are way too many people there to take a proper look through the books and it’s not really worth it if the deals aren’t that great.

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    Library Haul

    Lately every time we go to the library I think “next week our haul will be smaller” (because I generally try to take out less books in the summer) but somehow the stack never really seems to get any smaller . . .

    There are lots in here I am looking forward to reading. the Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science I had requested from the library last fall and it only came to me now, you better believe we are going to read through it as much as possible before needing to bring it back in three weeks.

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    Library Haul

    Last week our library didn’t get any holds in but we are back on track this week!

    Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot I’m looking forward to from this stack. I’m determined to actually read The Prairie Thief this time since I’ve gotten it out a few times and never read it.

    And Just Open the Door sounds good.

    I’m currently feeling over picture books though and feel meh about the rest of the stack.

    But who knows, maybe there are some treasures in here!

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    Book Haul

    Since our homeschool is very literature based I like to find the best deals possible when it comes to books. I have a few different second hand stores I visit on a regular basis and twice a year there is a huge library sale that I like to go to (it’s coming up in a week and a half for my local friends!).

    These are the ones I picked up today, I’m really excited about some of them.

    Oh, also, I picked up this copy of Amy Carmichael today knowing we already had one but I couldn’t leave it there on the shelf. If anyone local wants it just let me know and it’s yours!