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I’m excited for you to share a guest post with the Intentional Homeschooling community!

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Just a few details before we get started:

  • posts need to be at 800 words or more
  • your own photos are not necessary but do add to the post, if you don’t include your own photos I will add some, if you want to include your own please follow these guidelines:
    • include 4 or more photos
    • they need to have a minimum width of 1000 pixels
    • please upload these to Dropbox or Google Drive and then include the link in the form below, or, alternatively you can let me know in the additional comments if you would like to email them to me
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If you have any other questions before submitting your story you can email me at: [email protected]

** Product reviews are not an acceptable guest post submission. **

Please note: sending in your article does not guarantee it will be published on the site. You will be contacted by email once we receive your submission and we will let you know if we are publishing it and the date it will go live.

Thanks in advance for being willing to share with the Intentional Homeschooling community!