An Intentional Summer – Week Two

Hey Mama,

Welcome to week two! How did week one go for you? Were you able to be intentional about your week?

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Let’s dive into week two!

Action Item: Get Your Main Living Space Company Ready


Maybe I’m just slowly getting better at this adulting thing but I realized a few years ago how much better it makes me feel when our main living spaces in our house are pretty much always company ready. For us that means our kitchen and living room areas and as long as I take a few minutes after each meal and once or twice in between our main space stays pretty neat.

The four things that have worked the best for me have been:

* reduce the amount of stuff in those areas (just own less!)
* wash the dishes after each meal
* do a quick sweep every day (or every other)
* make sure the kids clean up after themselves


Action Item: Eat More Plants

I was a pretty unhealthy eater growing up, well, from childhood until about three years ago. There would be some days where I’d go to bed and wonder if I’d eaten a single fruit or vegetable all day. Back then gluten and dairy sustained me. Now they are in our home in limited quantities and I’ve come to realize how much better I feel eating more plants.


Book Suggestion: Food Rules: An Eaters Manual by Michael Pollan – while nothing in this book is particularly brilliant, actually carrying his ideas out would result in much healthier eating for a lot of people.


Action Item: Say Yes


It can be easy to get caught up in parenting mode and get in the habit of “no”, this week, try saying yes (within reason, of course) and have fun with your kids. The best is when you get to say yes and they completely weren’t expected it. 🙂


Action Item: Think of One Way You Can Serve Your Spouse Each Day

Serving others is not human nature but it is so beneficial for a marriage. Each day this week think of one way you can serve your spouse, whether it’s doing a chore you normally expect them to do, surprising them with something you know they like, or something else. Being willing to serve is a great way to show your love.


Action Item: Create a Prayer Journal

I find prayer journals the best way to keep track of all my prayer requests and to keep my mind from wandering when I’m praying. Do what works for you, if you like simple, just grab a regular notebook and start writing, if you like to be more creative you can turn it into more of an art journal, or you can do a hybrid. After going the simple route for a long time I recently created a prayer journal in my travelers notebook, I shared a peek of the cover on my personal Instagram recently!


Verses for the Week:

Let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel . . . standing firm, in one spirit, with one mind, striving side by side for the faith of the gospel. – Philippians 1:27



And that wraps up week two! I’d love to add a community portion to this challenge and help keep us all accountable, please join in by leaving a comment below and sharing the top one or two action items you will be working on this week, I’ll be sure to check in on you!



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