An Intentional Summer – Week Four

Hey Mama,

Welcome to week four, let’s dive right in!

Action Item: Take Time For Rest

If you are anything like me, you get super excited about summer and want to do all the activities, anyone else? Then I get to this point in the summer and I’m tired. This week, take some time to rest, find a good book and a comfy spot in your house and do some reading, or whatever equals rest and relaxation for you. I’m currently reading Wild & Free and would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good read, or you could join our Free to Learn book club that starts this week!


Action Item: Drink More Smoothies

It’s been a hotter summer here than normal and I need to keep reminding myself that summers are a great time to have smoothies, they help me to eat more fruits (and hidden veggies) and to cool off! If you are looking for smoothie ideas, Pinterest always has a ton. My favorite smoothie recipes are mostly from The Oh She Glows Cookbook and Oh She Glows Everyday and then I have a fruity one with orange juice, and frozen strawberries, bananas, avocado and raspberries that I love (I never measure my ingredients otherwise I’d share my recipe, instead my recipe is just an ingredient list). If you have a favorite smoothie recipe (or ingredient list) I’d love if you would share it below!


Action Item: Habit Training

This year we are going to be focusing a lot on attitudes and habits. I’m going to share more specifically about this on the blog soon but one thing I have been starting with is a few daily habits. For some reason previously whenever I would ask my kids to help me unload the dishwasher it was usually met with complaining, so I started making it a more regular thing. During the week after breakfast they need to empty the dishwasher and for some reason since it’s a daily routine they don’t complain about it any more. Over the course of the next while I’ll slowly be adding more routines and habits into their day, I’m already impressed with the difference it has already made.


Action Item: Plan Another Date!

August starts this week, take time to get a date on the calendar for August and book a baby-sitter!


Action Item: Read Through 1 Peter

The book of 1 Peter has only five chapters, you can read a chapter a day or two a day and go through the book once or twice in the span of the week.


Verse for the Week:

Let love be genuine.
Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.
Love one another with brotherly affection.
Outdo one another in showing honor.
– Romans 12:9-10 (ESV)



And that wraps up week four! I’d love to add a community portion to this challenge and help keep us all accountable, please join in by leaving a comment below and sharing the top one or two action items you will be working on this week, I’ll be sure to check in on you!



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