Everything Included in the Intentional Homeschooling Membership

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A Story-Filled Year Preschool Curriculum - Intentional Homeschooling


  • Kids Reading Prompt Cards
  • Homeschool Reverse Planner
  • 8-Bit Research Journal
  • Mammals Research Unit
  • Mammals Primary Journal
  • Summer Activity Calendar
  • Anne of Green Gables Snail Mail Pack
  • A Writer’s Journal
  • Bird Journal
  • Research Journal
  • Gnome Snail Mail Pack
  • Titanic Mini Unit
  • Homeschool Vision Planner
  • Gardening Research Journal
  • Menu Pages for January, February, March, April, May, June, September, November and December
  • All the Countries of the World: a Geography Journal
  • A Story-Filled Year: a literature-based preschool curriculum
  • Spring Guided Nature Journal
  • Arctic Animals Memory Cards
  • The Hobbit: a novel unit study
  • Lego Challenge Cards
  • Goal Sheets for 2023
  • January Mini Nature Unit
  • December Mini Nature Unit
  • November Mini Nature Unit
  • Stillness: a mini magazine for the holidays
  • Christmas Snail Mail printables
  • Weekly Homeschool Tracker
  • Gratitude Journal


  • Our History Outline for the Year
  • Summer Unschooling Day in the Life
  • Plan with Me – loop schedule
  • Thrift with Me – homeschool book edition
  • May Summer Homeschool Check-in
  • Plan with Me – books
  • A Look Inside My Commonplace Book: April 2023
  • April Chatty Video
  • A Look Inside Our Homeschool: March 2023
  • A Library Haul: February 2023
  • What a Homeschool Refresh Looks Like
  • What is Intentional Homeschooling?
  • January = ENCOURAGE-uary: I made a short video every weekday this month!
  • December Chatty Video
  • November Chatty Video


  • a list of my favorite mother culture resources
  • a list of great historical fiction and non-fiction books broken down by time period and with great suggestions as well as some additional information you may want to know going into some of the books
  • seasonal book clubs (our first one was Holy Hygge and the discussion can still be accessed)
  • Using Literature as a Spine Workshop

Last update: August 4, 2023