COURSE – Explore the World – Nepal



Capital City: Kathmandu

Official Languages: Nepali

Currency: Nepalese Rupee

National Flag:



I See the Sun in Nepal by Dedie King

Namaste! by Diana Cohn

Am I small? Ke m saani chu? by Philipp Winterberg

N Is For Nepal by Anita Adhikary

Nepal Adventure by Beth Rajan Sockman

Don’t Let the Elephant Go: Modern Nepali Folktales by Atul Pokharel





Explore the Mount Everest Base Camp – Google Treks

The Khumbu – Google Treks

In the shadow of Mt. Everest lies a group of sacred valleys known as the Khumbu. For centuries this remote mountainous region has been the homeland of the Sherpa people. Discover the hidden treasures along the trail and off the beaten path.




Nepal is home to the one-horned rhino, so just draw one horn on yours!