• A Line A Day Journal for Kids and Mom - great for memory keeping

    A Line a Day Journals – perfect for writing practice and memory keeping

    For the last few years I’ve been keeping a Line a Day Journal. It’s just a simple book where you write one or two things from the day and each page has room for a few years worth of entries. The first year it’s a little boring but by the second year you can start reading what you did on that day the year before and it gets fun. I’ve been enjoying keeping a journal like this so back in the fall I decided to get my kids to start one as well.     I wanted to get going on it right away so I didn’t want to order…

  • Our Homeschool Monthly Reading Wrap Up - our monthly read alouds and independent reads
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    WHAT WE READ IN APRIL – our homeschool read alouds and individual reads for the month!

    Here’s a wrap up of another reading month. Rae read a TON this month! My non-fiction reading was everything from a very disappointing read to one I loved.       WHAT WE READ IN APRIL THE SEVEN YEAR OLD Keeper of the Lost Cities – books 1, 2 & 3!   THE TEN YEAR OLD Keeper of the Lost Cities – Unlocked Whichwood Ramona Series The Green Ember Bliss Bakery Series Nancy Drew Diaries Series   FAMILY READ ALOUDS Life as a Viking Isobel Kuhn Underground to Canada   THE MOM Dyslexia 101 Awaking Wonder The Call of the Wild + Free

  • Free Vikings Unit Study - a great unit for your elementary homeschool
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    Free Vikings Unit Study

    Okay guys, I’m excited to finally share our Vikings Unit Study with you! I’ve been talking about this unit study for the last few weeks in my videos and newsletter and now it’s time to share it. My original plan for this unit study was just to grab a few good books, some relevant information and random free worksheets from online but Jared took my tiny idea and made it into something awesome!     A FEW DISCLAIMERS I have a few disclaimers about the unity study before we get started, you can watch the video below or read on for my disclaimers and how to download the unit study.…

  • Our Monthly Homeschool Library Haul - lots of fun math and science books!
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    APRIL HOMESCHOOL LIBRARY HAUL ๐Ÿ“š we hit the jackpot!

    We got some great books in our homeschool library haul this month! I may have gone a little overboard requesting all (okay, almost all) the DK Smithsonian books . . . Check out the video to hear my thoughts and get a peek inside the books. I’ll link the books below incase you want to check them out!       APRIL HOMESCHOOL LIBRARY HAUL We got a lot of books out from the library this month and so many good ones! In the video I show you inside each of the books but for your reference, here is a list of the books mentioned: Princess Pulverizer The World Needs Who…

  • A Look Inside My Mother Culture Morning Basket - the books I read as a mother
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    a look inside my MOTHER CULTURE MORNING BASKET ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿงบ spring edition

    Today I wanted to show you inside what I am calling my “Mother Culture Morning Basket”. Though there really is no basket involved. It’s just a stack of books that I keep on the bookshelf by our table. If you’ve never heard of a Mother Culture Morning Basket it may be because I just made the term up for this video and post. It’s really like the idea of a morning basket that we use in our homeschool but it’s books for me instead of us to do together. I’ve been doing this for years but have never actually given it a name until now. Every few weeks or months…

  • Bird Watching Journal - a printable nature study journal
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    Bird Watching Journal – A Printable Nature Study Journal

    Every spring I get really excited about birds. I never realize how many birds have migrated and left us until they start to come back. Hearing and seeing the different kinds of birds return is a sign that spring is really here. It’s the feeling of anticipation for the warmer days to come. In the last couple of years I have made a point of paying attention to the birds that I see and trying to figure out what kinds of birds they are. To be honest, growing up my parents used to have a bird identifying book by the back deck door (along with a pair of binoculars) and…