• Homeschool Year in Review - Using the Intentional Homeschooling Vision Planner
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    HOMESCHOOL YEARLY REVIEW – the things that went well and the things that really didn’t

    I’m starting a new series here on the blog where I go through my Homeschool Vision Planner and reflect on the last year in order to cast a vision for the year to come. Pssst . . . the Homeschool Vision Planner will be free on Wednesday, June 2nd ONLY, use the code: visionfree     I love reflection and setting goals and this Homeschool Vision Planner helps me to do just that!     There are over twenty pages of prompts and questions to help guide your next homeschool year. These questions and prompts are for you to fill out and there are certain questions for you to ask…

  • Forces and Movement Homeschool Science Subject Study - a great homeschool science unit study for elementary
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    Forces and Movement Science Study

    I’m going to assume everyone has at least one school subject that is not exactly their forte. Science is one of mine. But I also have kids that really enjoy science . . . Thankfully my husband also likes science and was interested in making a Forces and Movement Study for us – complete with fun and simple experiments!     Today I wanted to show you inside the study!     You can grab a copy of the Forces and Movement Study here!

  • Our Summer Homeschool Plan and a Look Inside the Units We're Going to Be Using This Summer
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    our SUMMER HOMESCHOOL PLAN & a look inside the units we’ll be studying

    We tend to be flexible in our homeschool and don’t “do school” five days a week. Our more laidback homeschool approach means that we are also never really “off”. So while the summers may look a little different, we are still learning. And this summer we have a couple of different studies we plan on doing. Okay, here’s a look inside our summer homeschool plans for this year!       LINKS The Explorers Research Unit is 50% off until June 2nd! And the Forces and Movement Study is on sale until June 15th! The Kids Reading Journal and A Line a Day Journals are also on sale until June…

  • Homeschool Resource Haul - lots of educational books, games and more!
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    our homeschool RESOURCE HAUL – educational and fun books, games and more!

    We’ve acquired a lot of great homeschool resources over the last while and I wanted show our stack of books, games and puzzles with you! I’ve linked the items I can below.     RESOURCES MENTIONED Book Outlet Referral Code (we both get $10 off!) Human Body Puzzles 10% off, use the code: IntentionalHomeschooling (case sensitive) Monopoly Deal Sleeping Queens The Little Book of Big Mind Benders The Little Book of Big Brain Games 299 on-the-go Games and Puzzles to Keep Your Brain Young Stuff You Need to Know About the Human Body The Royal Diaries The Wingfeather Saga Cat Stories The Call of the Wild and Free Then Sings…

  • A Line A Day Journal for Kids and Mom - great for memory keeping

    A Line a Day Journals – perfect for writing practice and memory keeping

    For the last few years I’ve been keeping a Line a Day Journal. It’s just a simple book where you write one or two things from the day and each page has room for a few years worth of entries. The first year it’s a little boring but by the second year you can start reading what you did on that day the year before and it gets fun. I’ve been enjoying keeping a journal like this so back in the fall I decided to get my kids to start one as well.     I wanted to get going on it right away so I didn’t want to order…