• My summer Mother Culture Morning Basket
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    I have been keeping an unofficial mother culture morning basket for years and ever since giving it an official name this year I’ve enjoyed it even more! Since we are now officially into summer I wanted to give an updated look into my updated-for-summer Mother Culture Morning Basket! The idea of the items haven’t changed a ton since the spring but at the same time the format has changed a lot.         SEE INSIDE MY SUMMER MOTHER CULTURE MORNING BASKET     A Line a Day I start out every morning write a little bit about what happened in the day before. This can just be a…

  • Family Read Alouds for our Homeschool Year 2021-2022
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    FAMILY READ ALOUDS: 13 books we want to read in our homeschool in the 2021-2022 school year

    We love a good read aloud in our family and today I am sharing thirteen (not twelve like I said in the video) books we want to read aloud (aka listen to) in the next school year. Now, when I say read alouds what I actually mean is listen tos because I am terrible at reading aloud so we usually listen to our book together as a family while we eat our meals. We use an amazing Bluetooth speaker, we’ve had it for years and only have to charge it about twice a year. Here’s an updated version of our Bluetooth speaker.  My plan is for us to pick and…

  • Middle Grade Books Coming Out in 2021 That I'm Looking Forward to! Middle Grade Anticipated Releases for January-March - Middle Grade books coming out in January 2021, February 2021 and March 2021
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    Anticipated Middle Grade Releases: June-December 2021

    At the beginning of the year I shared a list of middle grade books releasing for the first few months of the year and now I wanted to do a new list for books releasing in the second half of the year! I really like middle grade books as an adult which I think is a good thing because then I can proof-read a lot of books for my kids. There are a number of books coming out in the next few months that are a continuation of a series and I’m doubly excited about most of these because they are in series that I’ve really been enjoying. Before we…

  • Free Father's Day Printable for Kids to fill out - great for older kids
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    Free Father’s Day Printable

    When my kids were littler we would often fill out a paper that had little interview questions for them to answer about their dad for Father’s Day. It was cute and the papers are a sweet keepsake. Now they are getting older and the answers to their questions aren’t as cute and funny as they used to be. So, this year I decided to create an alternative Father’s Day printable. The one I created has some prompts and then room to either write or draw (or both!) their answer. I would love to show their final (adorable) results here but I’ll refrain in case their father hops over and sees…