• Early Learning Bundle - great products for those in preschool and kindergarten and an excellent deal!
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    The Best Deal for Those Teaching Preschool or Kindergarten

    For those of you that have kids in the preschool and/or kindergarten stage (or are going to soon), I have an amazing deal for you today! Back in the winter we (over at Intentional Bundles) launched our first ever Early Learning Mini Bundle. It included over $175 products and was sold for just $15. Of course, we can’t have that kind of deal on forever so it was only around for a week, so a lot of people missed out. But, here’s the good news: for the next two days it’s back! That’s right, until Wednesday at 9pm PST you can grab over $175 in products for just $15 right…

  • The Prairie Thief Book Review - fantasy for elementary and middle grade
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    The Prairie Thief Book Review

    It’s time for another book review! The Prairie Thief is a book I have been meaning to read for a long time. I got the book out from the library a few times but never made it a priority to read until recently. Also, I want to note: the first time I took the book out from the library I didn’t realize it was fantasy – somehow I totally missed the little guy on the cover! I have heard people describe this book as Little House on the Prairie with a fantasy twist but I wouldn’t agree with that at all. I would say it’s more Anne of Green Gables…

  • Our Homeschool Year Review - What Worked and What Didn't
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    A Review of Our Homeschool Year – What Worked and What Didn’t

    Yesterday morning I officially declared our homeschool year “over”. The truth is, we never stop learning (and I actually have some intentional learning planned for the summer) but it’s nice to have an official start and stop to the year. Plus, I like to start after the regular school kids and stop before them -because why not?! #benefitsofhomeschooling I am really excited for the plans I have for our learning this summer (and into the fall) I’m making some changes and I think it is going to be so good. But before I go into them I wanted to do a review of the last year. This review is good…

  • A Fablehaven Book Review - what I liked, what you should know and the ages it's best for.
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    Fablehaven Book Review

    I’m excited to start what will be a nearly-weekly series of book reviews! As I explained earlier this week I think it is important to make sure we are aware of what our kids are reading, especially if you are a Christian parent. I decided to start by reviewing Fablehaven because it’s one of those books that I have heard a lot of people mention. I have gotten the book out from the library one or two times before but never got around to reading it so I made it a priority this time.   THE STORY In Fablehaven sister and brother, Kristen and Seth, go to visit their grandparents…

  • How Much Do the Books Our Kids Read Matter? - Screening chapter books as a Christian parent
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    Do the Books Our Kids Read Matter?

    I have been thinking about this ^ a lot in the last week, if you receive my bookish newsletter each week you’ll already know that from last week’s email. Part of this has a lot to do with the fact that Raeca is really into the fantasy genre and it’s something I know almost nothing about since it’s never been my genre. I have become slightly more knowledgeable in the last couple of years but just a little. I know that many books, especially those in the fantasy and fairy tale genres can be so great for sharing the Gospel story, where good conquers evil, but there are also many…

  • A Flexible Homeschool App Review

    A Flexible Homeschool App Review

      There are all sorts of homeschool planners. You’ve got the “plan-every-detail-to-the-exact-second” type and the “we-just-do-what-we-want-when-we-want” type. And then about a thousand other types in between. For those of you that fall between the two extremes, I’ve got a cool resource to share with you today! The folks over at A Flexible Homeschool App contacted me to test out and share a review of their site with you. In case you haven’t heard of it before, A Flexible Homeschool App is a great homeschool planning resource for those who love planning and recording their homeschool digitally. Actually, according to their site, A Flexible Homeschool App is for organized moms who want…