• The best fiction and non-fiction chapter books I read in 2018
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    My Favorite Books of 2018 & Books I Want to Read in 2019

    This year I am going to do something a little different and share my personal book lists over here. Previously I had been sharing them over on my other blog but this year it feels like this is where they should be. I have always been a reader but now a mother and home educator I feel even more aware…

  • Our January Brain Box - our take on the homeschool morning basket for morning time
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    Our January Brain Box

    We are continuing to use our brain box and I changed up our contents from our December box. Our Brain Box has a few different purposes. First of all, it helps me to pull out some resources I may otherwise have forgotten about. It also helps me to be intentional in choosing a few different areas to focus on for…

  • Our Favorite Family Read Alouds - elementary read alouds we love as a family
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    Our 12 Favorite Family Read Alouds from 2018

    Here’s my first list of our favorite books form 2018! Soon I’ll share my favorite reads as well as our favorite picture books, but today it’s the chapter books. If you’ve read any of my chapter book lists in the past you’ll know that I have struggled with reading chapter books aloud in the past and while I wouldn’t say that I am…

  • The Homeschool Uncertainity Principle - trusting God through the homeschool process
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    The Homeschool Uncertainity Principle

    I am really excited to share a guest post with you today. This post was written by Angela Dicken who I have had the pleasure of following on Instagram for quite some time now. This is a post that speaks to my heart and I know it will hit home to a lot of my fellow homeschooling mamas. Enjoy!  …

  • Ten funny chapter books that will have kids laughing out loud. Great novels kids will love, especially the boys.
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    Ten Funny Chapter Books That Will Have Kids Laughing Out Loud

    In the last few months I’ve been realizing how much more Ephraim enjoys chapter books when they are funny. For that reason I’ve been trying to add more funny chapter books into our rotation and alternating them with the more serious ones. There are some writers that just have that knack for writing silly chapter books, the more out there…

  • The Best Picture Books for January - books about snow and all things winter
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    The Best Picture Books for January

    One of my goals for this year is to do better with enjoying each season and being intentional with our time in the season. Because almost everything I do has to include books in some way, I thought making monthly book lists would be a good way to acknowledge each season. January is one of the hardest months for me.…