• Ideas to Help You Homeschool in the Winter When It's Too Cold to Go Outside and You Hit the Winter Slump
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    Ideas to Help You Homeschool In a Winter Slump

    January is a pretty terrible month for weather here in Saskatchewan. Looking at my temperature gauge right now I can tell you it is -35C (-31F) and -50C (-58F) with the wind. Needless to say we don’t venture outside much in January and we all start to get cabin fever a bit. With the cold weather also comes a bit of the winter blues and a bit of a homeschool winter slump. Knowing this would happen (because it happens every year) back in July, when the sun was shining and the air was still warm I decided to be proactive and I asked for some ideas over on Instagram on…

  • The Best Picture Books Published in 2019
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    The Best Picture Books Published in 2019

    I love taking time to notice the year a book is published and I am noticing such a great trend in picture books. 2019 was a good year for picture books. I’ll admit, we didn’t read as many published in 2019 books at the end of the year but there were so many great ones at the beginning of the year that those were most of my favorites anyway. Curious about our favorites from years past? You can check them out here: * The Best Picture Books Published in 2018 * The Best Picture Books Published in 2017 * The Best Picture Books Published in 2016   If you have…

  • Middle Grade Winter Books - great novels to read in the winter for middle grades 5-8
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    15+ Middle Grade Books to Read in the Winter

    This last year I have gotten more into seasonal reading. Last year I shared monthly themed picture book lists here on the blog and this year I wanted to share seasonal chapter book lists. Most of the books on these lists will be what are considered “middle grade” reads which are generally for 8-12 year olds. My daughter is currently nine and she either has read or I would be okay with her reading all the books on this list. That being said, there can be a big range in ability and maturity when it comes to putting an age range from 8-12 so use your own discretion. Also, let…

  • The Best Educational Gifts and Toys for Toddlers
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    10+ of the Best Educational Gift Ideas for Toddlers

    This year is the first year in awhile where we’ve had a toddler to shop for. Because we had no idea we would be doing this toddler thing over again we had to pretty much start from scratch and I have to admit, it was fun looking through that section of toys again. Plus I feel like I have more knowledge on what toys kids actually play with and are also not annoying to adults. This is the last installment in my educational gift guide series, here’s the full series: + The Best Educational Gift Ideas for Toddlers (this list!) + The Best Educational Gift Ideas for Preschoolers + The Best Educational…

  • Our Homeschool Week in Review - what we did and resources we used with a toddler, preschooler, first grader and fourth grader
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    Homeschool Week in Review – Volume Five

    We’ve had a virus go through our house in the last two weeks that has slowly hit one kid after another and as a result it through off my December homeschool plan a bit. Thankfully I didn’t plan for an intense academic month, my main focus for the month was the Christmas season and we have been able to do that. But because of the sickness I thought it would make sense to put our light two weeks into one review. Also due to the sickness we relied more on technology for our academics, I am thankful that we have the ability and resources to turn to things like YouTube…

  • Our favorite family board games
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    10+ of the Best Educational Gifts for Middle School

    In case you noticed, I didn’t post a homeschool week in review for last week. We ended up having some sickness go through our house so we didn’t do a lot on the school front so I figured I would combine two weeks and so I will share the next update at the end of this week. Today I am continuing on with the educational gift guide series, here’s the list of the posts in the series: + The Best Educational Gift Ideas for Toddlers + The Best Educational Gift Ideas for Preschoolers + The Best Educational Gift Ideas for Elementary + The Best Educational Gift Ideas for Middle School (this list!)…