• AUTUMN MOTHER CULTURE MORNING BASKET - what I want to be learning this autumn
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    AUTUMN MOTHER CULTURE MORNING BASKET – what I want to be learning this autumn

    It’s time for another Mother Culture Morning Basket video! I have been enjoying updating my mother culture morning basket each season and this time I am sharing the different things I want to be learning this autumn. You can view all my Mother Culture Morning Basket videos here or seasonally: my spring mother culture basket my summer mother culture basket       ☁️ Line a Day Journal     ☁️ Reading Journal     ☁️ Prayer Journal     ☁️ Book of Centuries  

  • Adult & Kids Reading Journals

    Tracking Our Reading – Adult & Kids Reading Journals

    I have been using Good Reads to track my books for years but this last year I’ve really come to realize how much I like a physical record of the books I’ve read. So, I did what I do; I made myself a reading journal. I started using it and then quickly realized I really wanted my kids to have reading journals too!     Keeping a reading journal as an adult is fun but I keep thinking how cool it would be if I had one from when I was a kid. I remember reading a ton of the Baby-Sitter’s Club and a few other books here and there…

  • Huge Homeschool Library Haul - a look at the picture books and resources books we've checked out in our homeschool lately
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    📚 BIGGEST HOMESCHOOL LIBRARY HAUL YET 📚 um, so we got a lot of picture and resources books out . . .

    Here’s a look into our most recent homeschool library haul, it’s a huge one! And honestly, I had fully intended to film a flip through of all the books but I got overwhelmed by the sheer number of books here. I think I may have to make these videos a little more frequent if I want that to happen.       📚 Links to all the books mentioned.   FUNNY PICTURE BOOK BLOG POSTS ➕ Funny Picture Books One ➕ Funny Picture Books Two ➕ Funny Picture Books Three

  • OUR PRESCHOOL PLANS - resources we are using with the three year old for preschool
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    OUR PRESCHOOL PLANS – resources we are using with the three year old for preschool

    I’m excited to share our preschool plans for the year! I’m using the idea of preschool curriculum really loosely here, it’s more like a list of preschool goals and a list of resources we are going to be using. All the things I can link will be included below!         PRESCHOOL LINKS & RESOURCES MENTIONED   Reading Magic Best-selling children’s author and internationally respected literacy expert Mem Fox reveals the incredible emotional and intellectual impact reading aloud to children has on their ability to learn to read. With passion and humor, Fox speaks of when, where, and why to read aloud and demonstrates how to read aloud…

  • Grade Three Curriculum Picks - history, math, language arts and science curriculum choices for 2021
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    Today I am continuing a look into our curriculum picks for the fall. You can check out our grade six curriculum picks here. I hope to have preschool up soon!       GRADE THREE CURRICULUM PICKS & RESOURCES Line a Day Journal Reading Journal for Kids Bible Journal: Junior Edition Bible Memory Workbook Creative Writing & Drawing Journals Ancient Egypt Unit Inventors Research Unit Mammals Research Unit