• A Look Inside My Mother Culture Morning Basket - the books I read as a mother
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    a look inside my MOTHER CULTURE MORNING BASKET 📚🧺 spring edition

    Today I wanted to show you inside what I am calling my “Mother Culture Morning Basket”. Though there really is no basket involved. It’s just a stack of books that I keep on the bookshelf by our table. If you’ve never heard of a Mother Culture Morning Basket it may be because I just made the term up for this video and post. It’s really like the idea of a morning basket that we use in our homeschool but it’s books for me instead of us to do together. I’ve been doing this for years but have never actually given it a name until now. Every few weeks or months…

  • Bird Watching Journal - a printable nature study journal
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    Bird Watching Journal – A Printable Nature Study Journal

    Every spring I get really excited about birds. I never realize how many birds have migrated and left us until they start to come back. Hearing and seeing the different kinds of birds return is a sign that spring is really here. It’s the feeling of anticipation for the warmer days to come. In the last couple of years I have made a point of paying attention to the birds that I see and trying to figure out what kinds of birds they are. To be honest, growing up my parents used to have a bird identifying book by the back deck door (along with a pair of binoculars) and…

  • WHAT WE READ IN MARCH - our homeschool read alouds, what the kids are reading & what mom is reading!
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    WHAT WE READ IN MARCH – our homeschool read alouds, what the kids are reading & what mom is reading!

    Today Raeca and I are sharing a wrap up of our reading from the month of March! We are chatting about our read alouds and what we read on our own as well. There was a combination of some pretty mediocre books and some really great ones. We would love to hear what you have been reading lately and if you have any book suggestions for us for future months!       WHAT WE READ IN MARCH   Here are all the books we read in March, be sure to watch the video to hear our thoughts on them!   Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures: The African Safari Discovery When…

  • A Tour of Our Homeschool Cart and Our Spring Homeschool Goals
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    Homeschool Cart Tour & Goals: Spring 2021

    I decided that this year I want to set seasonal goals for our homeschool. I love setting goals and I find just setting annual goals doesn’t allow for enough room for growth and flexibility in our homeschool. Enter seasonal goals. While I’m chatting about seasonal goals I also wanted to give a tour of our new homeschool cart! I am in the process of setting up a new little homeschool nook for us and I had wanted to share it today but I didn’t quite get it done. So I thought I would start by giving a little tour of our homeschool cart and then I’ll do a full tour…

  • How to Teach Kids to Read and Tips for Kids Who Are Struggling Readers
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    HOW TO TEACH KIDS TO READ & tips for struggling readers

    I’ve been asked many times how to teach kids to read, especially since I shared how we teach language arts without a curriculum and I finally got around to making a video about it. I didn’t want to just leave it at how I taught my kids to read, I also wanted to share some tips for helping kids who are struggling readers or are taking longer to learn to read. I taught each of my kids the same way and one caught on quicker than the other. That being said, there have been a few things we’ve done with our struggling reader that have drastically improved his reading ability.…

  • The Best Poetry Books for Kids and How We Have Poetry Tea Time in Our Homeschool
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    The Best Funny and Serious Poetry Books for Kids

    I am always on the hunt for good poetry books. We try to make an effort to have an official poetry tea time once a week (it usually involves hot chocolate and some kind of baking or else something I grabbed from the store) and have a lot of fun with it. Back when I was teaching I taught grades seven and eight and they had all decided they didn’t like poetry, it’s my goal to not let my kids feel that way! I try to keep poetry fun is by adding in fun drinks and snacks but also by making sure we read poetry my kids enjoy, which means…