The Ten Best Living Books About Nature - beautiful and inspiring science books about nature

The Ten Best Living Books About Nature

I’ve admitted time and time again that science is not my strongest subject. BUT over the last two years I have really started to enjoy nature study, I can’t identify a single tree to save my life but I am learning lots (apparently just not about trees). While I grew up on a farm with lots of space to explore…

The best homeschool memes - funny, serious and sarcastic homeschool memes

Homeschool Memes to Brighten Your Day

So, today’s post is completely out of the normal. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite homeschool memes. There is just something about memes . . . sometimes they sum up situations better than anything else. In a similar vein I’ve shared a post with twenty signs that you are a homeschooler, a lot of those are pretty funny and…

Mother Culture - the importance of making time for yourself and continuing to learn as a mom

Mother Culture: The Importance of Making Time for Yourself

I am really excited about today’s guest post because it is on a topic I have been sharing about a lot online over the last number of weeks over on my personal blog (An Intentional Life) and my personal Instagram. The subject? Mother Culture!     OTHER POSTS YOU MAY ENJOY: Mother Culture – The Why and The How Our…

The best fall picture books for kids. Great books for autumn reading.

The Best Fall Picture Books for Kids

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are but fall came early here this year, we started having fall-like weather in the last two weeks of August! I know thatĀ autumn means different things depending where you live, those in more southern regions don’t truly experience fall until the dead of winter while those who live farther north…

How to create your own Charlotte Mason elementary schedule

Our DIY Charlotte Mason Homeschool Schedule – Part Two

Welcome back to what is turning out to be an entire series on Charlotte Mason homeschooling! In case you missed them and want to check out the other posts, here’s where you can find them: What is the Charlotte Mason Method and Why We are Switching to it Resources We are Using in Our Charlotte Mason Elementary Homeschool Our Charlotte…