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Mamas Making Money – A Free Course on How to Make Money from a Blog


Today I am sharing something completely different than my normal posts!

I put a question out on Instagram stories last week asking if anyone would be interested in a free course on how to make money from blogging and I got a lot of positive responses!

All the comments gave me the push to go ahead with the course.


A free course on how to make money from blogging - Mamas Making Money



This is something I have wanted to do for a long time because I am quite passionate about blogging. I started my first blog over a decade ago and have had quite a variety of different sites over the years. Some I’ve made money from, some I haven’t, but I’ve enjoyed it either way (but making money from it does make it easier to justify!).

I know a lot of fellow moms who want to make a little bit of an income but so many options available have hours that don’t work for them or include more of a monetary investment than they are able to put forward. Creating a website/blog is quite cheap to do and can be done at any time of the day and from your own home – perfect for moms!

I love personality tests of all kinds and one of my favorites is the Strengths Finder, my top strength is Maximizer – which means I like to help people succeed by helping them find their strengths and strengthening them!



In case you are new around here, I’m Chantel! I live in the Canadian prairies with my husband (Jared), daughter (Raeca) and son (Ephraim). I dream of living in a place where is is never winter and having the time to read all.the.books.

I was educated as a teacher and then realized: a) I don’t really like other people’s kids that much (wait, am I allowed to admit that?!) and b) I don’t like/agree with the school system. So, homeschooling has been an amazing fit for us! #rebelmom

Oh look, it’s us! 🙂

(What you don’t see is that Ephraim peed his shorts shortly before this photoshoot and my dress is a very thin mesh so at this point I could definitely feel his dampness on my legs. #keepingitreal)

I kind of feel like I should include a little about my past blogging/online income history here but it’s a long one, I think it will probably serve as the intro to the course as a result, so, stay tuned!



Because I know some of you will be wondering and possibly leery of a free course, here’s my thought process behind that:

At this point I am not quite making a full-time income online (which is my goal). This blog just reached the two year mark and my income has definitely increased over the last two years, but I’m not quite there yet. The way things are trending now I should be at a full-time income by the time it reaches its third birthday.

I may one day make this into a paid course, I’m honestly not sure at this point (seriously, I have no hidden agenda), but to make things a little bit more worth my while I will be leaving the ads on for the course pages. That way advertisers can pay for your spot in the course! 🙂

(In case you don’t already know, ads are one way to make money while blogging, you get some money for page views and even more money if visitors click on an ad, something to keep in mind while browsing the web; if you want to support a blogger, click on a few of the ads on their page.)



Okay, I already mentioned a few of these but these are my favorite things about blogging:

  • it’s a creative outlet
  • I can write any time
  • I can do it from home or in a different country!
  • there are a variety of different ways to make money from blogging
  • I can invest as much time as I want
  • I am in charge (I don’t like people telling me what to do, remember, #rebelmom)
  • so much more!


A free course on how to make money from blogging - Mamas Making Money



Well, that is kind of up to you! At the bottom of this post I’ve added a form for you to fill out to help me get to know you a little more and for you to give some input on what you would like to see from the course. As of right now the course outline looks like the following:

  • Overview
    • My story
    • Some short questions answered
  • Starting a blog
    • finding your niche
    • setting your blog up
    • a few design tips
    • pages every blog should have
    • how often should you post and what about?
  • Monetizing your blog
    • ads
    • creating your own products
    • affiliate income
  • Social media
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
  • Email
    • Do you need an email list? (Spoiler alert: the answer? Maybe.)
    • A peek into a few different email service providers
    • How to get people to sign up for your newsletter
    • What to put in your newsletter



The course will be almost all written/text with maybe some video thrown in there.



I will be writing the course over the next few weeks and will be releasing a section at a time as I have them written. As of right now you can enroll in the course and read my blogging story and a few questions I’ve answered so far. A new section should be up every week or so until it is all up.


A free course on how to make money from blogging - Mamas Making Money



I’ve created this course for mothers who are interested in making an income from blogging. That’s pretty simple! The type of person that will come away with the most from this course is the kind who is willing to put effort in and is self-motivated. While I will be releasing the course one section at a time in the beginning there will be no one checking in on you or making sure you read through the lesson. You will get out of it what you put in.



Here’s where you get to tell me about yourself so I can try to tailor this course to those of you who are taking it!

Once you fill out the form below there will be a link to enroll in the free course. I will be emailing those enrolled in the course to let them know when each new section is up.


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