• Famous Canadians Free Notebooking Pages - great for learning Canadian history
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    Free Notebooking Pages – Famous Canadians

    One of the things I love about homeschooling is following the interests of my kids. I am really looking forward to the day when they “know what they want to be when they grow up” (or you know, at least an idea. I’m not even sure if I know what I want to be when I grow up) and we can take those interests and run with them. Raeca has been wanting to create some printables/books with me and so the other evening we sat on the couch and did some brainstorming. We both came up with ten ideas and she narrowed it down to her favorite. The next day…

  • Find Your Homeschool Tribe - a free online (off of social media!) encouraging and inspiring homeschool tribe
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    Come Join the Intentional Homeschooling Tribe

    Over the last few years of having this blog I have heard from a number of homeschool moms who have been in search of a homeschooling community. Often there are not many homeschoolers around them or there are other homeschoolers but they choose to educate their kids in a different way. I knew I wanted to create an online community for homeschoolers that would be encouraging and inspiring. I wanted it to be online so people who lack in-person community could join and I knew I wanted it to be off of social media because I really didn’t want to spend more time on social media.     It took…

  • Lessons Learned From Veteran Homeschoolers
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    Chapter Books for Grade Three

    I was chatting to Raeca about books yesterday and asked her what kind of book list I should share today. (Some weeks I have tons of ideas and the next nothing comes to me.) She suggested I do a list of chapter books for grade three. While I have done a list of grade three read alouds (here and here) I realized I had not yet shared a list of independent grade three chapter books. So, we tried to remember the books Raeca read this year that she really enjoyed. All the books on this list she considers to be 4 or 5 star books.     She is at…

  • Homeschool Snapshots - A look into our favorite resources and daily homeschool life
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    Homeschool Snapshots – Take a Look at Some of our Favorite Daily Resources

    Do you ever wish you could be a fly on the wall of someone else’s homeschool? Maybe I’m just nosy but I would love to be able to sit in and watch other people homeschool. Even though I get together with other homeschoolers and we chat resources and tips and all that there is so much each of us do in our homeschools each day that we forget to share.     I get a lot of questions about what we do all day and the resources we use, especially since we don’t follow a curriculum. So, I decided to set something up so I could share more of our…

  • The Best Picture Books Published in 2019 (so far)
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    The Best Picture Books of 2019 (so far) – Part One

    I always have a lot of fun with these annual picture book lists. For the past few years I’ve created round ups of the best of the best at the end of the year (2018, 2017 and 2016) and I will often share a few of our favorites throughout the year as well. This is part one to our favorite picture books published in 2019. It’s early in the year yet so I know there will be a part two (and possibly a part three) yet before I share our ultimate list of 2019 favorites. If you’ve read some great picture books published this year I would love to hear…

  • Lessons Learned From Veteran Homeschoolers
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    Lessons Gleaned Sitting at the Feet of Veteran Homeschoolers

    Last week I had the opportunity to get together with a number of other homeschooling moms. What I didn’t realize going into it was how much wisdom I would come away with. For the most part my in-person homeschooling community consists of families that are in the same general stage we are currently in. Some are a couple years ahead and some a couple years behind. What I realized after last week was that I’ve never really talked to a true veteran homeschooler. And wow, there is something so awesome about it. While most days I feel fairly confident in how we homeschool our kids it felt nice to hear…