This list has ten funny picture books that will have kids giggling and laughing out loud. They are the best funny picture books ever!

The Ten Funniest Picture Books Ever

If I look at the most popular posts on this site it’s always the same. My lists of funny picture books are always the winners. I’m pretty strict with my book lists, our funny picture books actually need to have us laughing or giggling to count. On the site I have a list of  Ten Funny Pictures Books, then I…

Exploding bags experiment - an easy STEM experiment to do with kids with very few supplies!

Fun & Educational Easy Exploding Bags Experiment

Jared is back for the third week in a row with another STEM post, today is a fun one, he’s got a super simple science experiment using just a few ingredients, all of which you probably have in your home right now. Personally, I love these kinds of experiments but am not good with the follow through so I am…

Check out these awesome picture books that have been published in 2018 - the best picture books of 2018.

The Best Picture Books of 2018 – Part Two

It continues to astound me that there are new picture books be written that are so good! How have authors not run out of ideas yet?! Back in April I shared our favorite books that had been published in 2018 that we had read up until then and we already have even more favorites! I also shared a number of…

Free printable Lego challenge cards - a great STEM activity!

Lego Challenge Cards

Remember last week when I said Jared (my husband) was going to be sharing some STEM posts on here for the next while because he’s kind of taking over that area of our homeschool this year? Well, he’s back! While I usually spend 1-2 hours with the kids doing some intentional learning during the day (reading, working in our relaxed…