• A Mother's Education: Books to Read in 2018 - As a lifelong learner I want to constantly growing myself, yes, I get to learn alongside my children as I homeschool them but I also want to be learning on my own. This year I have chosen a literary mentor and a list of books I would like to read.
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    A Mother’s Education – The Books I Want to Read in 2018

    Homeschooling is great for parents who want to be lifelong learners. I enjoy picking certain topics to teach my kids that I can learn along with them. Though I don’t think my education should solely be tied to theirs. I want to be learning on my own time as well. I thought I would share a list of books I want to read in 2018. Back in 2016 I read over 100 books, this year I think I’m around 40. How much I read can really vary from year to year. I definitely didn’t want to pick out every single book I was going to read this year because I…

  • The Best Homeschooling and Parenting Books
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    The Best Homeschooling & Parenting Books

    I oddly haven’t read a whole lot of homeschooling books. I mean, I’d like to but there is only so much time, right? As a result my to-read list is pretty long! I have read some really great homeschooling books so far though, but I put out a call on Instagram to find which books other homeschooling moms consider to be their favorites. And thus this list was born! There is definitely some books on this list that fall more in the “parenting” category but seriously, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish where parenting ends and homeschooling begins (truthfully, all we do is parenting and life is all homeschool!). I’ll start…

  • Free to Learn - A Free Book Club for Homeschooling Moms!
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    Free to Learn – A Free Instagram Book Club for Homeschooling Moms

    I’m a huge fan of lifelong learning, both teaching my kids to be lifelong learners and making sure I am one myself. In order to really push myself I decided to start a book club earlier this year. I wanted to read more classics so I shared about it on our community Facebook page and ended up having so many ladies interested that I ended up starting two book clubs! Then at the beginning of the summer I joined a book club with the ladies through our church (we are reading Messy Beautiful Friendship). As if that wasn’t enough, I asked on Instagram if any other homeschool moms wanted to…

  • Mother Culture - the why & how
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    Mother Culture – The Why & How

    The term Mother Culture is a term that is attributed to Charlotte Mason and I loved it from the very first time I heard about it. In essence mother culture is the intentional growth and education of a mother. This does not include the learning that takes alongside our children as we teach them but the learning we do either to stay ahead of them or just for our own enjoyment. I know the reason I loved the idea of mother culture so much is because it come fairly naturally to me. I love DIY-ing life so I am always learning about different subjects and I love to read and always have…