• Goals for Autumn 2022
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    my goals for AUTUMN 2022

    If you’ve been around this blog for any amount of time you may notice a bit of a change here in the next while. I’ve always loved the name I chose for this site: Intentional Homeschooling. Because I want to be intentional with our homeschool but lately I’ve been thinking about adding more to this site that doesn’t focus so much on the schooling portion and more about having an intentional home. So, there will probably be an increase in the posts and they will vary in topics. There will still be a lot of school stuff because homeschooling is a lifestyle we have chosen and love, there will just…

  • AUTUMN MOTHER CULTURE MORNING BASKET - what I want to be learning this autumn
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    AUTUMN MOTHER CULTURE MORNING BASKET – what I want to be learning this autumn

    It’s time for another Mother Culture Morning Basket video! I have been enjoying updating my mother culture morning basket each season and this time I am sharing the different things I want to be learning this autumn. You can view all my Mother Culture Morning Basket videos here or seasonally: my spring mother culture basket my summer mother culture basket       ☁️ Line a Day Journal     ☁️ Reading Journal     ☁️ Prayer Journal     ☁️ Book of Centuries  

  • My summer Mother Culture Morning Basket
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    I have been keeping an unofficial mother culture morning basket for years and ever since giving it an official name this year I’ve enjoyed it even more! Since we are now officially into summer I wanted to give an updated look into my updated-for-summer Mother Culture Morning Basket! The idea of the items haven’t changed a ton since the spring but at the same time the format has changed a lot.         SEE INSIDE MY SUMMER MOTHER CULTURE MORNING BASKET     A Line a Day I start out every morning write a little bit about what happened in the day before. This can just be a…

  • A Look Inside My Mother Culture Morning Basket - the books I read as a mother
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    a look inside my MOTHER CULTURE MORNING BASKET 📚🧺 spring edition

    Today I wanted to show you inside what I am calling my “Mother Culture Morning Basket”. Though there really is no basket involved. It’s just a stack of books that I keep on the bookshelf by our table. If you’ve never heard of a Mother Culture Morning Basket it may be because I just made the term up for this video and post. It’s really like the idea of a morning basket that we use in our homeschool but it’s books for me instead of us to do together. I’ve been doing this for years but have never actually given it a name until now. Every few weeks or months…

  • WHAT WE READ IN MARCH - our homeschool read alouds, what the kids are reading & what mom is reading!
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    WHAT WE READ IN MARCH – our homeschool read alouds, what the kids are reading & what mom is reading!

    Today Raeca and I are sharing a wrap up of our reading from the month of March! We are chatting about our read alouds and what we read on our own as well. There was a combination of some pretty mediocre books and some really great ones. We would love to hear what you have been reading lately and if you have any book suggestions for us for future months!       WHAT WE READ IN MARCH   Here are all the books we read in March, be sure to watch the video to hear our thoughts on them!   Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures: The African Safari Discovery When…

  • A Look Inside My Mother Morning Basket
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    A Look Inside My Mother Morning Basket

    Last week I asked on Instagram which post out of a few ideas that I had you guys wanted to see on the blog first and my mother morning basket was the most popular response! I do think it is important to continue learning and growing as adults and making a morning basket for myself has been a way to make sure what I think is the most important learning gets done. A big key for me has been to start slow. I started with just two things in the basket and have slowly worked my way up to more and I assume once the weather cools down and winter…