Design Your Own Board Game

Design Your Own Board Game


Games are great learning tools, we learn all kinds of things from them, from teamwork and fair play to math and problem solving skills. Having kids create their own games takes the learning, and the fun, to the next level!


This course will walk you through the process of planning, designing and building a board game. Work through this course with kids of any age who show interest in playing and making their own games.



In this course we will go over:


* a brief history of board games
* elements of board games
* board game mechanics
* designing, prototyping and testing your game

designing a board game with kids


Hi, I'm Jared, a husband, father and enjoyer of board games.
As a family we have always found board games to be not only great family activities but fun learning opportunities as well.

We play a lot of games in our house and it didn't take long for our kid's love of playing games to turn into a love of designing their own.

Designing games can be frustrating, especially when an idea that sounded fun at first doesn't work quite as well as you thought it would. I hope this course will help you work through some of these challenges with your kids so that they can design something they will be proud of!